Factland is a database of "facts". All the facts are comparisons in the form of: A is B than C.

The facts can be connected by the query engine. For example if it knows that 2 > 1 and 3 > 2.
Asking if 3 > 1 will yield the answer "yes" and "is 1 > 3?" will reply "no". If we wanted to push it we'd call this "inference".

For the mathies: Factland assumes the facts are transitive so can be inverted by swapping the end points. These properties don't always apply to real life. For example, Alice loving Bob doesn't mean Bob loves Alice. Many a Country song has been written about this very thing.

In the original Factland there was no security. This is still the case: anyone can make a "fact". Back in the 1980's people entered all kinds of junk but there was mostly good stuff. We'll see what happens here. The sysop -oops webmaster- will delete facts he doesn't like.